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The Frenzy of Suibhne

In the month of january, 22 and 23, at 9 p.m. 2008, at the Teatro Studio of Scandicci (Florence), after 15 years, Whisky Trail presents in concert 'The Frenzy of Suibhne', the CD released the first time in 1992, that now is being re-printed with a new mastering by Amiata Records. In this occasion the piper Lorenzo Greppi and the drummer Piero Bubbico will be with the band. On its first release the English music magazine Folk Roots reviewed The Frenzy of Suibhne as 'great contemporary art music'

giulia and stefano at nottarno

The 'white night' in 'oltrarno'

Thanks to marco ortolani for the handsome photo of the concert

pietro at nottarno

the white night of nottarno

thanks to claudia zanardi

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