San Frediano, an Irishman in Florence (live)
Few people know that San Frediano came to Tuscany from Ireland. At the crossroads between the path of the "Florentine" Saint of Ireland and the trail of Whisky Trail, the "Irish" of Florence, this "live" puts itself as an unequalled witness of an event renewing the ancient affinity between Florence and Ireland.

     1 - Frenzied Memories   6.31
     2 - Flavours   4.54
     3 - Up and down   6.35
     4 - Banshee Steps   3.22
     5 - Copperplate   4.29
     6 - Jeffes reel   5.21
     7 - Fairy Nurse   5.17
     8 - Eire na greine   5.24
     9 - Suite bretonne   5.47
     10 - Witch`s Curses   4.06
     11 - Green hills - Gooseberry bush   6.51
     12 - Two Hornpipes   6.34
     13 - Auld lang syne   6.32
     14 - Atoll Highlander   6.41
La Nazione, marzo 2008, Giovanni Bogani
I Whisky, il gruppo musicale che da anni coltiva la tradizione irlandese, ha riscoperto questa storia. E ne ha fatto il punto di partenza del suo nuovo progetto. Un dvd e un cd 'live' che si chiamano, appunto, 'San Frediano. Un irlandese a Firenze'.
Un bel progetto, nato dalla collaborazione tra una casa editrice , Polistampa, e una casa musicale, Amiata Records.

Giulia Lorimer voice, fiddle
Vieri Bugli fiddle
Stefano Corsi Celtic harp, mouth harp, harmonium, voice
Massimo Giuntini uilleann pipes, whistles
Pietro Sabatini guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, pedal bass, voice
Alberto Massi bag pipe
Lorenzo Greppi whistles, bodhran, bombarde bretonne
Piero Bubbico scottish snare drum and percussions


Quartetto Archaea

Mauro Fabbrucci violin
Marcello Puliti viola
Damiano Puliti cello
Filippo Pedol double bass

All titles are traditional except 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, by

Corsi, Daneo, Sabatini, Bugli, Giuntini, Greppi

Many thanks to the Provincia of Florence for its sponsorship; to the Mediateca Regionale Toscana for its technical help in video shooting; to the Saschall for its complicity in the creation of the event; to the Comitato Oltrarno for its enthusiasme in sharing of the project; to Melita Cataldi for her work that always stimulates us; to Giovanna Maria Ziffer for her precious information; to Lily Prigioniero for her suggestions in the translation.
Recorded at Saschall of Firenze March 17, 2007 and mixed by

Nicola Cavina

Lorenzo Benvenuti

Text, graphic project and photos
Whisky Trail

Executive producer
Matteo Silva

Sarnus Amiata Records