Concerto 2015
40 years working and digging in a great music and a culture so long loved, we want to celebrate!” This way sing together Whisky Trail in the new record, the 15th of their history, where they celebrate their 40 years.

     1 - Andante   6`55``
     2 - Moderato   8`05``
     3 - Vivace   7`04``
     4 - Presto   7`08``
     5 - P.S. San Frediano   3`29``
Concerto, comes from the need to place in the Italian classical form of the 'concerto' (Andante, Moderato, Vivace, Presto), the inspiration born from the working experience of the group, to give a greater prestige to Irish music. The record ends then with a tribute to San Frediano, the great Irish saint who, time back, established a great synergy with the Florentine people helping them to resolve their serious problems of the flooding of the Arno river. To that ancient synergy Giulia Lorimer, Stefano Corsi, Vieri Bugli, Massimo Giuntini e Luca Busatti are still referring.

40 years working and digging in a great music and a culture so long loved, having told about the Pooka, the wild character of the fairy tales... about the mad king Suibhne forced to wander, prey of a delirium, in the sky of Ireland...about the White Goddess, the great Mother of the Tuatha de Danann... about the Great Raid of Cú Chúlainn... about Chaosmos, the 8 elements born from Chaos that form Irish Cosmos...about Fragments alternating in a musical Celtic trail... With CONCERTO Whisky Trail want to celebrate 40 years of their history, fiddling with music and lyrics that go to intertwine as wool threads remained on the hedges.

For their precious helpMany thanks to
Jacopo Bisagni, Melita Cataldi, Auro Lecci and Lily Prigioniero
Graphics Whisky Trail
Giulia Lorimer vocals
Vieri Bugli fiddle, mandola
Luca Busatti guitar, vocals
Stefano Corsi Celtic and mouth harp, harmonium, vocals
Massimo Giuntini uilleann pipes, tin and low whistle
Mixed by Nicola Cavina in San Frediano
Florence, 2015
Distributed by Materiali Sonori
1. Andante

On a jig rhythm, a polyphony of voices winds in different weaves to open to the voice of Giulia who sings a lyric freely adapted from her book La lana rimasta sulle siepi The wool remained on the hedges. This morning the skein of my thoughts melts and a long soft braid widens on my lap, I comb my memories calling them by their own name. Many people passed my home, the house was filled and empty like a great cardboard panting bellows of a large accordion. Life was a huge snakes and ladders, Pooka's box the lucky one, playing its story was like giving in the dark a hand to hold. One is led and also leads and the brain aligns with heart, playing its story playing together is like giving in the dark our hands.
2. Moderato

Another text by Giulia, freely adapted from her book La lana rimasta sulle siepi opens the piece. In the lyric the flight of a kite brings to Giulia's memory another flight, that one of Suibhne, the bird-king of Irish legend. The piece develops then in time. Between the tower and the sea flies a kite in the shape of a red and black bird. It soars and rises, it falls headlong, it soars again, it's less peaceful, than Suibhne the bird-king of Irish legend who gliding feels the wind on his face. He goes up higher and higher, and higher, until he disappears from everybody's view... I swam on the wake of the sunset like forty years ago going in the unknown. Between the tower and the sea flies a kite in the shape of a red and black bird...
3. Vivace
Two airs, the second of which evokes the times between '600 and '700 when the mythic O'Carolan with his harp and his music travelled through Ireland. Then the hornpipe rhythm opens to some verses freely translated from an ancient Irish lyric in which a monk describes the loved natural environment where he lives and in which he performs his work that fill him with a panic thrill. Apples of an apple-tree, great fortune as in magic places clusters of an excellent harvest of berries on green leafy hazels. Here around domestic pigs have their lairs, budgers with their puppies. Beer with herbs fruits of the yew-tree and walnut kernels. A cup of mead, a thorn mane having good blackberries. Apples of an apple-tree great fortune as in magic places...
4. Presto

Tecat canfinn, corra falin; fos-cain can; n col ndogra. Snow-white birds come, herons, gulls, the sea sings for them and it's not sad music. From a short, suggestive, ancient Irish lyric the piece spreads on an intense reel rhythm.
5. P.S. San Frediano

San Frediano is the great Irish saint of Florence to whom, in 2008, we dedicated a live album with a DVD. It was a tribute that a group of Irish music, historically rooted in the city of Florence, made to the brilliant Irish monk. In fact, thanks to him, the Florentine people, in the sixth century after Christ, were saved by the frequent floods coming from the Arno river. In CONCERTO we wanted to dedicate to San Frediano, as a 'post scriptum' of our 40 years, a piece born from an improvisation.