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Thierry Laplaud of Trad Magazine, the most important French Magazine of ethnic music, talking about Chaosmos says: '...Surprising, solemn and captivating, the music of Whisky Trail is played perfectly by musicians at the top of their art. Happy anniversary to this uproarious quintet who has not finished surprising us!'

On the authoritative German Magazine FOLKER, in November, appeared the review of CHAOSMOS: "Wonderful!...8 little symphonies...I never heard such's art music...all comparisons are far fetched because Whisky Trail creates its own music with Irish and Scottish unknown sounds...I like this music so much that I consider it special so it is important we should get to know it also here...Give us more!"
Michael A. Schmiedel
INSOUND the Italian Music Magazine in its 2006 July-August issue has placed CHAOSMOS the new CD by Whisky Trail as one of its first 10 favourites

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